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Island of Brač

Vacationing on the island of Brač provides you with numerous possibilities – this is an island with 240 sunny days a year, with the most beautiful gravel beach in the world - Zlatni rat, the most peculiar “desert“, the astonishing view from Vidova gora, the highest peak of the Central Dalmatia islands and numerous other explored and unexplored beauties of beaches, coves and sea depths.

The island of Brač is located 7 nautical miles from Split (45 minutes of a pleasant boat ride); it is connected to the mainland through numerous boat lines on a daily basis (book your ticket at

Due to its favourable geographical location and the Mediterranean climate, Brač is ideal for both summer and winter tourism. Guests who visit Brač enjoy its Mediterranean atmosphere, olive groves and vineyards, rich cultural heritage, sporting events, crystal clear sea, clean air and sun.

Vidova gora, the highest peak of the Adriatic (778m), is one of the numerous sights of the island of Brač, as well as Zlatni rat beach, the Blaca Desert, the Dragon Cave and numerous museums such as the Heritage Museum of the island of Brač in Škrip, with a rich collection from the Antiquity and the early Middle Ages. There are many preserved churches from the Early Middle Ages, once located nearby towns which are no longer there and today secluded in the interior of the island.

Have you ever wondered where exactly did all that stone used to build the White House and the Diocletian’s Palace in Split come from? It came precisely from Brač. On Brač, the island of the stone, the stone-carving tradition dates back to the Roman period and has been passed on from generation to generation, to the extent that the one-of-a-kind stone-carving school was founded in Pučišće.

In addition to numerous cultural and historic sights, Brač offers sporting activities such as::

  • windsurfing,
  • kite surfing,
  • cycling,
  • hiking,
  • shooting,
  • diving and many other adventure sports.

The island’s social life also abounds in nightlife facilities, such as night clubs, bars, discos, restaurants.
Imagine just one day: after enjoying yourself on the sun-drenched beach, take up the adventure of the exciting underwater fishing. You will experience all the beauty of the underwater world of crabs, fish and shells.
In case you return empty-handed, there are many restaurants at your service which offer a variety of freshly caught fish prepared to you by the top chefs in the unforgettable Mediterranean manner, seasoned with the olive oil from the olive groves nearby.