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Luxurious accommodation in a Mediterranean villa on the island of Brač, near Split

Bračka Perla Villa is located on the central Dalmatian island of Brač, in a picturesque town of Supetar, not far from Split.
The traditional Mediterranean construction of the villa is complemented by a modern interior of rooms and suites.
Luxurious accommodation provides comfortable warmth, while playful wall colours complemented by motifs of specific Mediterranean plants define an entirely new vacation experience on one of the most beautiful Dalmatian islands.

Corbelled stone huts and drywalls are very typical of Dalmatian islands. Corbelled stone hut served as a shelter from the stormy weather and as a storage area for agricultural tools. The construction of the hut was rather simple and without any bonding materials; one could hardly distinguish it from stone pile and drywall. Huts from Brač were built in the 2nd half of the 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th century when there was a large wine demand. Their construction ended after WWI.

The construction of the Bračka Perla Villa was carefully planned in conformity with the traditional Dalmatian construction of corbelled stone huts and drywalls. Traditional natural materials, one of which is certainly the well-known Brač stone, were carefully woven into environment, taking particular care of preserving the natural balance instead of undermining it. Brač stone is known for it adaptability to all seasons and weather conditions: sunny days emphasise its whiteness and pearly youthful and vivacious attire, while gloomy rainy days   bring out its more mature colour of the Mediterranean seashell which guards warmth and tranquillity within its shell.

Dark green pine shades and black wrought iron fences contrast the pearly whiteness of the Brač stone, while the plants growing between the terraces safeguard privacy and present a magnificent palette of colours and aromas that could only be produced by nature itself. Villa gardens serve as green frames to the Brač stone whiteness and without being ostentatious, they open up this edifice, blending it with environment reminiscent of past times with its traditional plants like olive, rosemary and lavender.