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Pomegranade suite - The beauty of the falling sun in the crimson red suite

Luxurious accommodation provided by the Pomegranate suite, situated on the ground floor of the hotel, is one of numerous reasons why you will not want to leave Bračka Perla. Suite terrace with the view of the gardens and the pool is the only obstacle standing between the utter comfort of your suite and the surreal beauty of our gardens.

Superior suite:

  • terrace
  • bedroom (king size bed)
  • living room (LCD, TV, sat)
  • bathroom (tub, hairdryer)
  • kitchen (refridgerator, microwave)
  • air-conditioning
  • direct outgoing calls
  • internet access
  • worktable
  • safe
  • mini bar

Crimson-red, the colour of the ripe pomegranate, found its place in a space where the sleeping beauty of the sunset settled down announcing the end of summer and the beginning of autumn, the season of profusion and fertility.