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Mediterranean cuisine specialties

Dalmatian cuisine:
Dalmatian cuisine did not occur by accident; it is a solid combination of different cultural influences from the East, the West, the North and the South. The dominant ingredients of the Dalmatian cuisine are fish and meat with plenty of raw and cooked vegetables, complemented by aromatic herbs which are indispensible in this gourmet fairytale.  Ingredients are top-quality for their freshness and traditional growth as well, while herbs and spices are extremely aromatic due to mild Mediterranean climate.

Brač cuisine:
Brač cuisine ingredients are modest and simple due to karst-like and barren soil, and for this reason  the Brač cooks had to employ utter creativity in order to complete a meal. Making of delicious, healthy and imaginative meals from such scarcity can only be done by skilful Brač cooks.  The most famous meals from Brač cuisine are meat-based meals, baked under a baking lid with potatoes or vegetables which emphasise the extraordinary quality of food prepared from fresh ingredients in traditional manner.

We will list only several most famous traditional Dalmatian meals:

  • Beef pot roast with gnocchi
  • Dalmatian scampi
  • Mediterranean meat balls
  • Chick pea soup
  • Octopus salad