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Outdoor weddings

Combination of luxury, intimacy and first class service make Bračka Perla an ideal place for the beginning of your marital bliss and lifelong happiness. Beautiful ambience, intimate atmosphere with your closest friends and family, first class Mediterranean specialties, romantic suites, interesting facilities for your guests and wellness relaxation will redefine style and sophistication.

Romantic wedding on the beach, at the very seaside of the Adriatic Sea, or in our exquisite gardens surrounded by astonishing vegetation, is the very definition of a memorable experience because the very beauty of Bračka Perla exudes inspiration as if secluded from the rest of the world.

Since we organise just one wedding at a time, we can assure you that your special day will truly be a dream come true.


So you fell in love with natural beauty of our island, and you're thinking of saying your "I do" here?

Let our wedding planner to lead you through every detail and cherish your tender moment of celebrating love.

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