Luxurious hotel and eco-resort are situated in one of the most beautiful locations of the island of Brač, Supetar

Thanks to our passionate creative desire to please your senses, we are proud to present the combination of luxury, tradition and nature – the Agro Resort Bračka Perla****.

Agro Resort Bračka Perla**** is situated in one of the most beautiful locations of the island of Brač, Supetar.
It is composed of two parts:

Luxurious hotel, located just a few steps away from the sea, offers a comfortable accommodation with wellness facilities (hydro massage pool, jacuzzi, sauna, gym) and gastro facilities (restaurant, bar, BBQ rent, buffet breakfast and salads). 

On the other hand, the eco-resort offers numerous recreational facilities like bowls (old Dalmatian game) and wine production facility of Plavac mali, oil production facility producing virgin olive oil and the cultivation of various vegetables and fruit.
Between the hotel and the eco-resort there is a promenade which within several minutes transforms the urban setting of the hotel into a natural ambience of the eco-resort.
Agro Resort Bračka Perla exudes vintage romance thanks to the great attention invested into details and elements discreetly blending with the rural architecture. There are meandering pathways stretching all over the estate, leading you to secluded corners untainted by modern times. Style is traditional, simple, and comfortable in conformity with its surroundings and the authentic rural life.   
Olive grove surrounded by a large orchard and a vineyard at the very heart of it, under a natural gazebo, offers utter tranquillity spot for rest and relaxation. The only “disturbance” you may hear is the chirping of birds, crickets and domestic animals.

Eco-resort Bračka Perla enables you to feel the authentic island (rural) life. This corner of nature has a specific flare all year long which makes it the ideal place for those who are enthusiastic about nature, rural life, romantic and family atmosphere.  
Here you can discover the secrets to virgin olive oil production, wine, brandy, aromatic herbs and delicious jams.